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Reader question:We need help to redesign a small office space

On September 22nd, 2008 by .

The Brief

We are two female colleagues starting a new business in Wedding Photography. For about 4 years, the space has been used as an office for a photographer’s agent and a photographer. The room has always been (invisibly) split down the middle to accommodate the two businesses. At present there is no order to the room and boxes are on the floor everywhere.

The new business will be the two of us working together on the wedding business but also running our own businesses at the same time. We therefore need to look like we are working together but also have the space to run our separate affairs. Basically, we don’t want to be on top of eachother, if you know what I mean!

We want to be able to bring clients to the office to show them our work and our products. We were hoping we may be able to fit in a small sofa and a coffee table. The storage therefore needs to be tidy and attractive. We would really like to have shelves that also hold lovely books, and other products that ‘say’ we are in the creative industry, as well as the obvious photography.

We also want the room to be ‘softened’. The white walls are very corporate and bare, so maybe we can have a colour on one wall. The lighting is terrible – strip lights in up-lighting constructions! See the pic showing the side walls. There is a great window down one side of the room that is a wonderful feature, I think. The carpets are standard tile mats, dark blue in colour – these can’t be moved but rugs could be an option.