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Interior Trends: Enduring or Fads?

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Interior & Fashion trends 2009/2010

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Bright, fun, decorative and comical; these are the words I’d use to describe Kitsch.  Not for the faint hearted, this is a look that will brighten up any room in the home.  If you want to create this style but you’re a little scared to commit to a large room then why not have some fun and go for a Kitsch toilet?  It will be a good talking point when friends come over!

Kitsch, PIppa Jameson Interiors

Kitsch Trends 2009/2010, Pippa Jameson Interiors


This is going to be a big trend for Spring/Summer 2009.  Coming straight from the catwalks of Vogue, you can expect to see this filtering through to the Homes and Interiors with bold blocks of colour on cushions, rugs, wallpaper and fabrics.

Colour Blocking, Pippa Jameson Interiors


Lovely home accessories

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I came across this website today and had to share it will all of you.  It’s called Heart & Parcel and basically sells a multitude of gorgeous home accessories all themed with hearts.  My favorite was these heart shaped tins and the heart mugs.

Chuck out the Chintz in the New Year

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The New Year often means a good old clear out!  A time to go through all of your possessions to see if you are hording a mountain of junk!  The golden rule is; if you haven’t used something for 6 months then get rid of it.  A lot of us (including me) tend to stash things away thinking that we’ll need them one day but trust me, you never do!

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Remember to recycle There are many large recycling centers, just look on your local boroughs website or try to find your nearest one.  They take absolutely everything including the kitchen sink!  Have a look on The Recycle Centre to find your nearest one.

Charity shops: Another idea is to do a run to the local charity shop.  It’s very satisfying knowing that your old treasured possessions are going to another home rather than being thrown in the bin.  Have a look on the Association of Charity shops website for your nearest.

Have unwanted furniture collected: If you have large furniture items that you want to get rid of then have a look at some local charities and shelters.  They will often collect and pass the furniture on to homeless shelters.  There is sometimes a small collection fee of between £5-£10 but well worth it if it’s going to help the homeless and people in need.  A few companies that collect are: Emmaus, Urban Waste, Reuze, Big Green Switch & The Furniture Exchange

Jumble sale or car boot sale: If you want to get rid of some items that are worth a bit of money then why not have a jumble sale?  The only down side is that you have to get up early but you’ll walk away with a nice profit!

Ebay: Don’t you just love eBay.  If you have the patience then you can pretty much buy and sell anything!  This is good if you have lots of items to get rid of. If you haven’t got the time to list each item separately then just put them on as a group purchase.  All you need to do is take a group picture of the items as well as listing each piece in the description.   Alternatively get someone to eBay them for you.  Just type in ‘eBay seller’ into Google and you will be able to find someone in your area.  They will ask for a small commission but it’s worth it if you don’t have the time to sell the items yourself.