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Eco Fabrics

On May 26th, 2011 by .

‘A growing number of textile designers are cottoning on to the rise of the conscientious consumer, and producing fabrics made from sustainably sourced, Eco textiles. Made from natural materials, Eco textiles are produced using none of the chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which make the textile industry the world’s number one water polluter.

In putting together a collective of some of my favourite Eco fabrics, I’ve convinced myself that I need more fabric in my life!One of the great things about buying textiles for the home is their versatility. Adding instant colour and comfort, cushions and covers can be used to create a look of laid back luxury, and moved from room to room, depending on your mood. Alternatively, upholstering is a clever way to update worn out, or mismatched furniture, and give a room a new visual dynamic.

Aside from their green credentials, (and the fact that they would make my home look infinitely better), for me, this eclectic collection of fabrics share a real feel of design authenticity and quality, often found lacking in more conventionally made textiles. ‘

Hotel Review - Rough Luxe

On May 25th, 2011 by .

Half rough, half luxury. Transformed by internationally acclaimed designer Rabih Hage who’s stance on luxury is, “that physical comfort is not as important as the intellectual and human exchange.”  The idea of ‘a little bit of luxury in a rough part of London. A little bit of rough in a luxurious London,’ might not be to everyone’s liking – as some see Rough Luxe more as an art installation than a hotel.

Rough Luxe is the antithesis of a conventional luxury hotel; based in a non- assuming Georgian building on a side street in King’s Cross.  Rough Luxe blends heavily distressed walls; chipped and rough edges, with bold & opulent artworks; both modern and ancient. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the academy acclaimed, The King’s Speech, and the speech therapist’s consulting room.

The styling’s of Rough Luxe is a mix of old and new, furniture and art; combining colours and beautiful fabrics with cheap materials and existing deconstructed walls.  The contrast between harsh worn textures and sumptuous fabrics is stark. The opulent fabrics & characterful furniture, was mostly scooped up at the Savoy Hotel auction. The colour scheme focuses on a greyscale with splashes of colour – most notably in plum & postbox reds.

Prices start from £177 per night.  For further information please visit their website.

Stylish waste bin solutions

On May 23rd, 2011 by .

Bins, trash cans, garbage… it’s not glamourous, but bins provide a fundamental part of any household, yet they frequently get over looked & ignored.

Over the years I have been at war with my bin; or I should say, bins! I seem to go through them quicker than the garbage that fills them. I’ve tried almost every style of bin, from the ones hidden behind cupboard doors, to metal American trash cans, peddle operated & manual slide lids. All of them eventually ending up with broken lid mechanisms or worst of all, so poorly designed that bin bags are impossible to remove and often tare.

My main grievance I’ve had with bins is how unsightly they are; fed up with streaky chrome, I’ve been on the hunt for something different & felt compelled to share my findings with you…

Through Tesco’s Direct I’ve found the solution – my knight in black matt stainless steel armour! The Brabantia 30L Touch Bin is a sturdy construction of stainless steel, with a lid that gently & smoothly opens when touched. There’s also concealed handles that make it easy to remove trash from the inner bucket – making light work of a nasty job… plus this feature makes it easy to clean. It also comes with a fabulous 10 year guarantee for just £70.

The black matt steel finish is very sleek and I can see it fitting in perfectly with the grey Indian slate flooring, French green cupboards & black riven slate work-surfaces I have in my kitchen. I’m sold.