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Upcycling by Weckner Design


Whilst we are all loving the fashion for clever ‘upcycling’, I thought I would post some great pieces of work by a company called Weckner Design. They are a Glaswegian based furniture company who’s objective is to redesign old, discarded furniture to create unique, sustainable and functional design (up-cycling).

Each retro piece has been lovingly created using a wide variety of materials with a slight Scandinavian feel.  If there is a particular object that you are looking for then just make an enquiry as they also offer a commissioning service.

You have to love the ethos behind up-cycling as in today’s throwaway society it’s great that we can prolong the life of an object rather than it becoming part of a landfill

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  • Vanessa Thompson

    Wanna see a piece of good design in lighting? Discover Delightful! Design lovers you have to meet this brand!

  • Pippa Jameson

    Thanks for the tip Vanessa!

  • Simon Byrne

    Great to see so many products being up-cycled.


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