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Jealous 'Pop Up' print studio at Heal's

On January 29th, 2012 by .

Heal’s are once again hosting the fantastic works by Jealous Gallery & Print Studio.  For one week only, until 5th February 2012, Jealous will take up residence in the prestigious Tottenham Court Road flagship store and turn their display windows into live studio spaces.  Here, original works will be created by talented artists such as; Amanda Marie, Jayoon Choi, Damien Weighill, Sara Pope and emerging artists such as Diana Taylor, Andrew Curtis, An Gee Chan, Ian Gronzarow, Sarah Fotheringham, Cornelia Balte, Ceal Warnants and Simone Lia and showcasing the Jealous Needs You initiative, Jealous at Heal’s will offer a fresh approach to accessible and contemporary art. This highly interactive and creative project will allow customers to work together with on-site artists, illustrators and designers as well as taking part in personalising and printing their own editions.  A show not to be missed…

Based in North London, Jealous Gallery and Print Studio are dealers and publishers of limited edition prints, with a changing program of exhibitions featuring work by emerging and established artists from varied schools, movements and styles. Producing prints for artists including Charming Baker, Peter Blake and Ben Eine and exhibiting at Multiplied at Christies South Kensington and having worked recently with The Royal Academy of Arts, Jealous are an exciting collaboration at Heal’s for 2012.

Jealous at Heal’s will see the window space split into three distinct areas, each with its own focus on live studio practice and printmaking equipment. Each area will host 3-4 different artists printing editions live on site, building up the walls and windows and keeping the showcase space active and exciting throughout the week long event.

Prices for small prints start from just £35 and range up to £600 and 10% off sales will be donated to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

For more information go to

Tina Frey Designs

On January 26th, 2012 by .

This is the beautiful work of Tina Frey, who was one of many talented designers exhibiting at Maison. Tina started her career in finance but decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion of design; that was 6 years ago and now her company, Tina Frey Designs, distributes her products all over the world.

The colourful yet simple range is hand made from resin and incredibly, it’s all dishwasher safe, as well as having anti-bacterial qualities which makes it perfect for food. You can purchase Tina’s products from her UK outlet – Mint.

Trend: Colonial charm

On January 25th, 2012 by .

 A a stylist, I am always drawn in by beautifully detailed and authentic sets.  I take delight in absorbing the way a room is designed and always appreciate the styled accessories sitting on side tables, as well as photos and paintings on walls, all of which are there to help tell the story.  I get quite excited when a trend lends itself to getting really authentic to time honored pieces, and Colonial charm does just that.  With its wonderful imagery of travel, merchants and sense of discovery, it combines earthy tones and raw materials like rattan and linens, with vintage travel wares with scientific curios for an eclectic and spontaneous ‘set up camp for the night’ kind of feel.

I reveled in the chance to create a mood board to inspire an interiors setting and explore for myself all the lovely imagery conjured up by colonial times. Humid days spent in the shade discovering new creatures, the soft lull of palm frond fans, and adventure in the jungle waiting on your doorstep.…

L to R Top Row: {1}Jute twine and {2} Globe seen via  browndresswithwhitedots, {3} Colonial Setting

Middle Row: {1} Peacock seen via browndresswithwhitedots, {2} Insect illustration, {3} Wicker texture

Bottom Row: {1} Leather trunks, {2} Palm frond Wallpaper