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Weekend Wish List...

On September 28th, 2012 by .

It’s the end of another busy week and time to swoon over some gorgeous homeware. I’m LOVING both pieces by Hugo Passo.  First we have the IVEY, an oak plywood magazine holder, designed so that you can view your magazines like 12″ vinyls in a record shop (very cool), also by Hugo is this lemon yellow Piet side table, the leg structure is made from solid walnut and the matt lacquer tops are available in yellow, red, black, blue & white.

The cute rug is designed by the Internationally renowned fabric and wallpaper company Harlequin, the new & hip brand called Scion have drawn inspiration from mid-century modern and Scandinavian looks (the animal print makes it very on trend) the same rug design is also available in mustard #like.  If like me, you have a bit of a light obsession (most design addicts do) then I am sure you will appreciate the delicate nature of this piece, inspired by Japanese origami, ‘Paper Lights, is folded from 1 piece of “butterfly paper”and is supplied with a porcelain bulb socket. Finally, we have this old skool satchel, available in one of the most fashionable colours right now, the ‘Manderin’ is part of a new collection by Bohemia

Decopatch, the new Decoupage by Vicky Connolly

On September 21st, 2012 by .

I am sure we are all too familiar with the times when we find ourselves being distracted and getting stuck into doing something other than the really important task we are meant to be getting on with.. Ring a bell? Well it was on one of these occasions that my love affair with Decopatch began.

Now, whereas decoupage, the art of decorating objects with various forms of paper cutouts, requires endless layers of varnish and maybe even sanding to achieve a smooth finish, Decopatch, a French company, have produced a whole range of purpose manufactured papers in an abundance of bright colours and quirky patterns ready for you to mix and match and play around with.

The beauty of Decopatch is that the papers mould easily onto many surfaces. You can decorate new pieces or add a new lease of life to tired looking items such as old furniture or a plain looking tea set. I also find that Decopatching is a great way to create gifts eg. Re- vamping some plain egg cups or espresso cups..even a plain gift box can be totally transformed…

Shopping List:
-Decoupage paper ( from art suppliers/Amazon)
-PVA glue (watered down slightly for thinner consistency)
-Old paintbrush
-White paint (to cover any existing pattern and to suit the material of object ie.wood/china)
-Varnish (Decopatches own brand is suitable for all materials)
-An object to decorate

Step 1: Make sure object is clean and any existing pattern has been painted over evenly.

Step 2: Mix PVA glue with a little water so it spreads evenly and thinly

Step 3: Select which papers you are going to use, remember there are absolutely no rules when putting patterns and colours together. This is your own design so let your imagination rule and take you where it wants! Also think how are you going to apply the papers? You might want to tear and collage patterns together like a mosaic or maybe use the patterns together in stripes.

Step 4: paint a layer of glue over the area you are starting with and apply the paper then paint over another layer of glue… And so on.

Step 5: once the object is fully covered and dried, apply 2 or 3 coats of varnish.

Top tip: When covering a surface with one design it is easier to cut into strips and then re assemble onto the object to ensure a smoother crease-less finish.

Et voila…….Be careful now, before you know it you will be covering everything in sight!!!! Enjoy…


The gorgeous work of La Corbeille

On September 13th, 2012 by .

Launched in 1997, La Corbeille Editions makes fun and contemporary products for the modern home.  I remember seeing their work at Maison & Object in 2011 and fell in love with the personality of their pieces.  A particular favourite of mine is the aptly named ‘Favourite Things’ Pendant light, taking a classic shaped pendant and adding an element of the unexpected. The light perfect for any room in the home, including a child’s room!  I have a bit of a thing about stools and the Tabouret Stool by Jocelyn Deris is just so cute!  It even has an attachment that turns the stool into a coffee table.  For more information on La Corbeille visit their website and for a UK supplier try Made in Design.