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Citta Design: Winter 2012 collection

On April 17th, 2012 by .

I have a real soft spot for Japanese design, for its’ simplicity and timeless, cultural beauty.

One of my favourite design houses ‘Citta Design’, have really impressed me once again with their Winter 2012 collection, inspired by the chaos and refined simplicity in their take on the the mecca city that is Tokyo. Their site is so beautifully and appropriately styled for their range.

My favourite pieces are their rockpool mug and geometric plates and placemats! Check out more of their Tokyo range here.

20120417-065739.jpg. 20120417-065807.jpg


  • Hannah from Plumbs

    Some lovely finds! I always find oriental inspired decor to be very calming, I think through the simplicity you mentioned.  Great post!

  • Will Ryles

    My Dad actually flew to Japan just to find a colour for a bedroom finish, the colour was called Oyster Bay (this was about 15 years ago!).

    Some of the designs coming out of Japan are great,especially as you have highlighted the modern aspects too. 

    I think some stores would have us believe Japan still makes paper doors!