{Colour swatch} Raspberry & Chartreuse


Whilst I am a fan of soft and earthy tones, I am loving the pops of fresh berry and citrus brights seeping into design collections as of late. The unexpected bursts of colour make for great features. I might just have to add a splash of raspberry somewhere this Winter, even if it’s an inspired floral arrangement to brighten things up. Are you daring enough to incorporate these colours into your interiors?
Credits: {Clockwise from top left} Dream velvet sofa, succulent by Scott, Smeg fridge, photo by Lara Robby / Studio D for Country Living, the beautiful ‘Jake’ chair from Koskela, Graham and Brown wallpaper.

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  • Hannah from Plumbs

    Some lovely colour combinations.  I think the key with colour schemes like this is to use sparingly against a neutral palette for maximum impact. 

  • Pippa Jameson

    Thanks Hannah, it’s pretty isn’t it x

  • Mydecoreview

    The magenta sofa against white background looks really stunning

  • Christine

    I love the couch. 

  • Online Kitchen Planner UK

    Yes, I am daring enough! And I think these colours are still perfect for summer with the incorporation of other colours as well. By the way, that couch is just to die for!

  • Pippa Jameson

    Thanks for all your comments, it’s a gorgeous colour combination! 

  • Hannah Derrah

    I never would have thought to use these two colours together, but wow!  They just seem to go so well.

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