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Recreating the style: Boho eclectic

I think everyone has their own idea of what boho eclectic styling is. After all, the beauty of eclecticism is all about mixing up pieces that you love but don’t necessarily match. For a recent magazine feature I was asked to ‘recreate’ this style using a number of products of my choosing.


Citta Design: Winter 2012 collection

I have a real soft spot for Japanese design, for its’ simplicity…


Creative bedheads

Bedroom furniture, like any furniture, is a really personal choice and will determine the kind of look you want to give your place of rest in the home. Recently I have seen some really creative and interesting ways to incorporate bed heads into a room, and they aren’t necessarily expensive or your typical idea of what a headboard might be.


Pretty Christmas wreaths

Wreaths are definitely one of my favourite Christmas decorations, the perfect way…

Design post

Viva Cuba!

As each new season draws near, I eagerly await the catalogue of my current favourite design house, Citta Design. This savvy, New Zealand based company always manage to get it right. This week, I enjoyed flipping through the pages of their Spring/Summer range for 11/12.

Design post

Anthropologie House and Home

Whilst searching through their new Summer/Autumn collection I wondered to Anthropologies’ house…

Books we love

Book Review: ‘Undecorate’

My list of books to buy (or borrow!) is rapidly growing with…

Home accessories

Batter Up! Fun ideas for baseball inspired décor.

I find I have always been drawn to the timeless, Americana look…

Craft ideas

Creative ways to decorate with fabric

With the change of seasons upon us and perhaps a need (or…

Home accessories

Clever Designs by Wedgewood

Whilst flipping through a recent issue of Belle Australia magazine, I was…

Design post

‘Cabin living’ inspired design

Below are some of my favourite ‘cabin living’ inspired accessories and interiors…


Beautiful homeware from Marimekko

I must admit I have a slight obsession with Scandinavian design at…


Gorgeous Wall Stickers

 A couple of years ago I discovered wall decals and I still…

Design post

Inspirational interiors: The designs of Sibella Court

As I explore further into the world of interior styling, I am…


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