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How to: Revamp an old chair

On June 24th, 2014 by .

Have you ever revamped an old chair? As trends change, the furniture we once loved can suddenly look ugly, dated and very shabby, which is exactly what happened to my set of dining chairs (image below). My husband was insistent that we took them to the skip, but I had other ideas ;0) Nothing gets skipped in our household until I am sure it can’t be up-cycled, free-cycled or painted!  On this occasion it was an up-cycle procedure.

I had some gorgeous mustard fabric left over from a fashion shoot, and so I thought I would have a go at re-upholstering (similar fabric found here).  I would like to point out at this stage, I have never re-upholstered a chair like this before, but seeing as nearly every household owned one just like this in early 2000, I thought it only right to have a go.  You now have the option of bringing yours into the 21st century…!


You will need

  • A chair
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Gloves (if you have a lot of chairs to do as it helps to protect nails)
  • Fabric of your choice, it needs to be fairly thick
  1. Cut out a rectangular panel and drape it over the  back rest , leaving about 3 inches all around the edges.
  2. Push fabric ends into the crease, where the seat meets the back of the chair.
  3. Pull the fabric taught at the sides and top to create a smooth appearance. Now staple down the sides and top to fix this panel in place (don’t worry too much about neatness as this will be covered, it’s just important to pull the fabric tight!)
  4. Now cut a seperate piece of fabric to cover the back panel, leaving about 3 inches around the edges.
  5. Start at the top and fold the fabric in on itself, then staple.  Next do the sides, keeping the fabric taught at all times, leave the bottom hanging down.
  6. Pull the bottom panel down tightly and turn the chair upside, then staple it to the underneath of the chair.
  7. Take care to make neat folds at the corners (see image ref).
  8. Cut a square large enough to cover the seat and again, tuck the fabric in to conceal the ends.
  9. Pull the fabric taught at the sides, turn the chair upside down and then tuck the fabric under to make a neat edge.
  10. Staple all around keeping the fabric taught, making sure the staples are nice and neat.



Living It Up

On November 4th, 2013 by .

I recently worked on the hit TV show The Hotel Inspector, with Alex Polizzi, where I was responsible for the makeovers and styling.  This meant that I had to change the existing decor, giving the space a complete transformation. The next task was to find some fabulously stylish and generous interior companies to work with us.  One such contributor was ‘Living It Up‘, an online retailer selling contemporary home and garden products.  They were extremely kind and donated several items for the first show.  I’m afraid I can’t reveal the particular products they loaned until the programme airs, in early 2014, but the items below give you a good idea of their range.  The cushions have to be a favourite of mine as they cover off almost every trend; butterflies and owls, geometric stripes, Monochrome and bicycles.  They also sell some lovely furniture pieces and new to their Autumn season is the Vintage Range, all the designs are available in eye-catching finishes as well as classic neutral colours.  Whether its shabby chic storage units or vintage consoles and bureaus, their modern takes on classic designs are beautiful. Their Sunburst clock is also a steal at only £49.  In fact, if you have a good look at their website, you’ll find that Living It Up are really competitively priced!



Introducing: St Aidan's Homeware Store

On December 3rd, 2012 by .

I am always on the hunt for new and exciting interior finds, so when this email popped into my inbox, I had to share it with you.  Launched by Joe McIntyre, the previous Art Director of Coast magazine, St Aidan’s is an online homeware store selling a collection of quirky and cool finds. Having had a life long passion for interiors, when Joe was faced with redundancy, he this felt like this was the right time to fulfil his dream of a homeware business.

“I set up St Aidan’s as a place to help source those quirky, cool finds that help give our homes a bit more personality. There’s some great Bloomingville products in the store as well as original works from artists and ceramists along with some fantastic vintage finds.”  Be sure to take a look at his site as I am sure you will love the collection as much as I do.