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Chocolate Creative at My Deco


I was invited to My Deco bloggers meet up last week where the lovely Margarita Lorenzo from Chocolate Creative was showing her beautiful home accessories.  It was a really interesting night; as well as getting the chance to meet some fellow bloggers, My Deco talked to us all about some great tools that will make the whole blogging process much easier.  I will keep you posted about when they become available…

Margarita also took the time to talk to us about her lovely designs and below are a few examples of her work, see her full collection at Chocolate Creative or visit her lovely blog.

29th July – 12th August 2011
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  • Liz

    I love the elk/flower canvas pillow! It adds a touch of feminity to such a masculine symbol and I would love to make it a permanent fixture to my living room. Thanks for the post and great ideas (as usual).

  • Hola Pippa,
    nice post about my work, it was a nice eve last tuesday, i really enjoyed!! I hope you are keeping warm, I send you kisses from freezing peckham!


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