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Creative bedheads


Bedroom furniture, like any furniture, is a really personal choice and will determine the kind of look you want to give your place of rest in the home.

Recently I have seen some really creative and interesting ways to incorporate bed heads into a room, and they aren’t necessarily expensive or your typical idea of what a headboard might be. These inspiring ideas are a fantastic reminder that things can be done in a different and inexpensive way, to achieve stylish and unique results!

Credits: 1.Framed bed head idea 2. Lovely, inexpensive and personal project by House Tweaking 3.A cool stencil 4. Shelving in place of a bedhead – functional and pretty, 5. Reclaimed doors to create height, My favourite – a great use for an old palette!

Finding a bed that is exactly what you are looking for can be difficult. However you can find a wide variety of beds online at which should make it that little extra bit easier.

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  • Some brilliant ideas here!  I never knew headboards could be so exciting!  I love the rustic look of the wooden boards and the doors are just a fabulous idea.  It’s almost like the doorway to your dreams!  You could have a lot of fun with this!

  • Pippa Jameson

    Thanks Hannah, they’re great aren’t they. It makes you want to re-think my bedroom! x

  • Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE this post! So inspiring. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Thanks

  • Pippa Jameson

    Thanks Ellie x

  •  Thanks Hannah x

  •  Let me know how it goes if you make one Ellie! x

  • Aw, wow! This is all so pretty! So simple and creative. I love the old piece of wood hung on the wall that is both a headboard and a shelf. Lovely :)

  • I liked the idea of stenciling eventhough it does not serve any purpose. The use of wood dosent look so appealing to me. I  liked the headboard in the first picture.

  • These headboards are great!! I’ve been looking to redo ours and I think the Doors are going to be my final choice!!!

  • Daisy Werks

    Check for a Habitat for Humanity Restore in your area! They are a GREAT source for old doors and other items with great “history”.

  • All the pics are really superb.I hadn’t thought of some of these Interesting
    piece. It can be difficult to find good blogs nowadays. Found one here though
    by the looks of things.

  • Wish I’d found this blog earlier. Some really great
    posts.Very interesting. I hadn’t thought of some of these things before.


  • Victoria Rose


    I am very inspired by your work Ideas and tips. I have had the urge and desire to be creative and do old furniture up so i went to a boot sale Sunday and bought 2 barley sugar legs and back chairs a wooden barley sugar plant pot stand and a couple of wicker items so I cant wait to get started.

  • Jill

    I love the shelf Head board! Any thoughts about how to create it?

  • Pippa Jameson

    I would recommend going to a reclamation yard and picking up an old door. Then speak with a joiner/carpenter about splitting the door to create the desired shape, it will then need to be sanded down. If you are not happy with the appearance then you could distress the wood yourself (follow our guide on hoe to Shabby Chic). If you create one then please do share it with us on the site as I would love to feature it! Maybe this should be a project we should create as there has been so much interest in this post?

  • This is my very first time I have visited this website. I found lots of interesting stuff in your blog.

  • aleena

    Yeah it does not serve any purpose. The use of copse dosent attending so
    ambrosial to me. I admired the headboard in the aboriginal picture.

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    creating a bedroom where you love to go for some much-needed relaxation is to choose the right bedroom set.

  • Great post.I like all the pics.Furniture is the important aspect of our home.Bedroom furniture size is very important, because if all items will fit into the bedroom, they
    will provide necessary elegance and comfort.

  • Thanks for this great post.I like the furniture in these pics.

  • Junaid

    It is a Brilliant creative idea for interior lovers. i’m lov’in it, Thanks for different and more Catchy ideas :).


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