Serax Maison d’etre


The images below are from the 2012 collection of Serax-Maison d’être, a company that flourished after two sons took over their mothers business under the name of Serax.  I was fortunate enough to see their collection at Maison 2012 and it didn’t disappoint.  Offering a selection of modern interior objects, their collection ranges from original glassware to elegant services and tea-light candles.  What I love most about this collection is the mix of snowy whites against the punchy Pantone colours.

The idea of living without colour is unthinkable. Colours show our state of mind, our emotions and our feelings. Colours determine who we are. Set yourself apart and bring colour into your life with the new Serax Collections flower pots, vases and solifleur vases. Four objects drenched in 12 unique colours. Serax lays down the form, Pantone Universe™ the colour. The result is a perfect symbiosis of design and colour.” Quote: Serax-Maison d’être,

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  • Hides & Co.

    I love the last pendant light with its organic looks.


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