Great design ideas using recycled materials


I have been noticing an interesting trend lately where more designers are creating their wares by using recycled and often forgotten household materials.

Image credit: Lightly

A great example are these lovely, decorative ceramic wall hangings from Australian design house ‘Lightly.’ By laser cutting them into shapes of clouds, birds and butterflies, these recycled tea saucers have been given a new lease of life and place within the home. For those who love a touch of nostalgia like me, these are a fun, quirky, original and best of all, eco-friendly way to dress up a bare wall!

Image credit: Rebound Books
Another clever recycled design example using rescued old and unloved book covers to create these funky journals. The best part – designers ‘Rebound Books’ donate the book pages to local artists, and even create book marks out of the book spines! I really admire their sensitivity to the environment in their design process, ensuring no part of a book goes to waste.

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Feature by Meghan Plowman, Global Contributor